It is not just a plan, it is a partnership

Our social media marketing team will work with you to develop a plan designed to boost followers and their engagement on your social media platforms. This will drive leads as well as website traffic. These ‘digital conversations’ help build your brand and business in due course of time. We begin by understanding your business and your competitors, identifying your customers’ needs as well as discussing your brand positioning. These are valuable inputs in formulating your social media strategy.

We create communication that is relevant, fresh and customer oriented. We’ll publish two to three new posts each week with custom text or graphics that help your business expand its social media reach and make an impression on your present and prospective customers. As we go along, we revisit the strategy depending on the efficacy of the campaigns and make adjustments on the way. We conduct social media campaigns across many platforms and follow ethical methods.

Our Projects

Dr Deepika Aggarwal

Facebook and Youtube Profile Curation
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Soulfit by Rashmi

Social Media Handling
Taekwondo and Yoga Fitness Instructor

DietCare Nutrition by Ruchi Goyal

Navratri – Happy Fasting Healthy Feasting Campaign, Clinical Nutritionist