Visual language that is in sync with brand identity as well as internal and external communications

For every company, it is important to consider how it is seen by the outside world and to develop an identity that reflects its ethos and culture.
The term ‘corporate identity’ typically brings to mind logos, letterheads and business cards. However, those are just the obvious elements. In fact, corporate identity also includes other design elements associated with a company’s visual identity, both physical and digital, including taglines, colors and fonts, brochures, flyers, web site design and social media presence. Most importantly, the development of this identity requires a clear and well thought out corporate communications programme.

This involves creating a comprehensive visual language through the company’s brand identity, its physical marketing collateral, online presence and other internal and external corporate communication tools.

    This is where we come into the picture. We help our clients build a corporate communication programme that:

  • Ensures consistency and coherence in all communication;
  • Allows them to stand out from their competitors; and
  • Creates a brand experience enabling them to engage with their customers.

We, at Nivedana Communications strive to deliver all this and much more to every single client, every single time.

Our Projects

DietCare Nutrition by Ruchi Goyal

Designing and Printing of Client Folder
Clinical Nutritionist

Bonheur by Megha

E- brochure Designing
Handcrafted and Customised Party Decor Planner, Gurugram

DietCare Nutrition by Ruchi Goyal

Designing and Printing of Flyers
Clinical Nutritionist