In Sanskrit, the word Nivedana (derived from the root ‘vid’) means “to make known” or “to announce”. In Hindi, Nivedana means “to make a request” or a “respectful submission”.
In summary, we see Nivedana as any form of communication that is done in a respectful manner.


With personal attention also comes a high level of responsiveness. We take pride in being highly responsive to our clients’ queries and requests.

Mutual respect

This forms the backbone of our philosophy. We are in the business of digital conversations and we would like to do it with respect for everyone associated with the company and also respect for our clients.

On time delivery

We believe in delivering on our promises every single time. Once we commit to a deadline, you can rest assured that we will deliver on or before that deadline.

Personal attention

Instead of getting mired in digital media jargon (SEO, SMM, PPC, etc.), our endeavour is to provide personal attention to each and every client. We believe that only when we are fully invested in our clients can we come up with creative solutions that fully address their requirement.