The Unbox Happiness

Our client ‘Bonheur by Megha’ is in the business of providing themed party decor. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this business had taken a dent as gatherings and celebrations had been restricted.

To create an alternative channel to serve their customers, they decided to launch a service where they pack together all the elements of the decor related to a given theme in a box and provide it to their customers who can then decorate their homes themselves and celebrate special occasions in a colorful, joyous and safe manner with their close family and friends.

The client approached us to help brand the service and also to create an online campaign around it. We brainstormed various branding options that would connect with the customers while being consistent with the mother brand.

Bonheur means ‘happiness’ and we were looking to deliver ‘happiness in a box’. Thus was born ‘UNBOX HAPPINESS’.


After the branding was in place we set out to develop the social media campaign for promoting the ‘Happiness Box’ as a viable option to holding theme parties.

The theme of the campaign revolved around “happiness”. We looked at various connotations and words that get associated with happiness and overlapped them with the concept of celebrating at home with loved ones through do-it-yourself boxes. These boxes would be customised to theme and occasion by Bonheur by Megha and delivered to the customers’ doorstep.

Thus the play on words like ‘delivering’, ‘showering’, and ‘sharing’ to plan the creatives.

We had super fun developing this campaign and were mighty pleased when it was much appreciated by the client and helped establish their new service in the market. It has been such a big success that now there are no geographical barriers to providing this service. Bonheur by Megha plans to continue with these ‘Happiness Boxes’ and in fact expand it even after the pandemic ends and they resume regular party decor in and around their original market.


The Covid lockdown forced the customised theme party decor business to pivot to a DIY solution where they planned to start providing the decor elements in a box. The challenge was in communicating the idea to the customers and building a brand around it. The campaign we created not only helped the firm continue its business but also opened up new, unexplored markets.